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Give your patients the education they want

and they’ll schedule the treatment they need.


You know that everything in the body is connected. Help your patients understand it, too – and you’ll see more scheduled treatment.

A bimonthly patient education newsletter focused on overall health and wellness.

(Plus, when you give your patients up-to-date health information, you won’t worry about where they go to “do their own research!”)

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Yes, you have the knowledge to teach your patients all they need to know. But the reality is...

1. You don’t have time when you’ve got a full schedule.


2. Patients only retain a fraction of what you tell them during their appointment.

3. Patients often think of questions after they’ve left your office.

A membership to Wellness Connection gives you two new full-length articles each month on topics like how oral health affects other body systems, nutrition, airway health, functional medicine, and much more.


Twice a month we send you email content that’s easy to put in your existing patient communication platform. All you have to do is email your patients. 


Patients get a short email from your office that’s quick to skim and has important health tips. If they want to learn more, they can click a link to read the full-length article. 


Articles are formatted for easy viewing on both smart phones and desktop computers. They also come in print-friendly format so you can hand them out in your office.


As a member, you have lifetime access to the complete library of articles, so you can always go back and re-send or print.


Sending your patients an email twice a month is a quick task for a front office staff member. 


And your patients will appreciate the outreach, attention, and valuable information from you!

Ready to try your first month free?

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What You Get When Join

Every month we’ll send you:


Two pre-written patient emails each containing a link to a full-length article. Patients can skim a quick email or choose to read more in depth.


Two full length articles formatted for easy viewing on any web browser.


A printable version of each article so you can have copies to hand out in your office.


Clear instructions for you and your staff on how to send the first email to your patients using your existing patient communication platform. (it’s easy!)

On-going membership gives you two new articles each month plus access to all previous articles so you can use them any time.

We stay up-to-date on the latest research on a variety of topics including:


Heart health


Airway health

Functional medicine

Biomarkers and diagnostic testing



…and so much more.

Membership is only $149 per month.

But My Blog Already Does This… Right?

Maybe you have a marketing company posting blogs on your website. But are they well-researched articles written by healthcare professionals? 


Are your existing patients reading your blog? 


Your blog is meant to improve your website’s SEO and attract new patients. But it’s so important to stay relevant to your existing patients.


Sending your patients an email is so much more effective than hoping they’ll visit and search your website for articles. 


And you’re not bugging them. You’re their healthcare provider. They want your expertise and knowledge.


When your patients understand how your treatment recommendations affect their overall health, they schedule their treatment.

$149 per month to help your patients decide to schedule treatment is a tremendous ROI.
According to a HubSpot report in 2021, 
email generates on average $42 per $1 spent. 
That’s a remarkable 4,200% ROI.

If you’re a total wellness practice, you know the importance of patient education. And since it’s impossible to have enough time to talk about everything with all of your patients, Wellness Connection is your solution.

Try out a month-to-month subscription. If your case acceptance doesn’t increase as a result of educating your patients, you can cancel at any time. (But we doubt you’ll want to once your patients come to expect the extra value you’re providing and you start seeing more scheduled treatment!)

Ready to try Wellness Connection?

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Why Choose Wellness Connection?

Every article is researched and written by a healthcare professional with firsthand experience treating patients. 


Articles are easy-to-understand. They’re written for patients – not doctors – so they’re never intimidating or overwhelming. 


Each article highlights one health topic that educates your patients about how connected everything in their body is to their overall health.

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